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welcome to symphony.neocities! <3 if you were to imagine this site as a real place, i'd like to think of it as a little library in the woods, owned by me of course! this site is a place where i post about my life and my interests. i've been practicing with html/css since 2020 and have loved making things with it! i hope you enjoy my site. please refer to the left links to proceed to the other sections of the site. take your time and have fun!~

a little about me: i'm olivia! i'm a highschool student who wants to study literature. i enjoy coding and art very much. i adore horror games and boba tea! not sure what else to write here.. goodbye for now!

to-do list!
- redo about section
- RE shrine
- SH shrine
- make guestbook
site updates!
11/2/2022 long time no see! new index site in time for winter! hope u enjoy!

9/27/2022 new library/books page! will add stuff to it soon..

9/19/2022 new about page layout

9/6/2022 new blog entry!

8/31/2022 music diary was made! only one entry so far but i will add more tmrw!

8/27/2022 kim hyunjin shrine was added~

8/26/2022 added a link to my graphics/resource carrd in the 'others' section of the side bar. check it out!

8/24/2022 new blog entry of my time at the loona concert! i included pics too check it out!

8/19/2022 new shrine for jaehyun! very inspired by redstring.neocities!

8/17/2022 new section for fave characters on the about.html... sorry for slow updates! school has started again X_X

7/29/2022 added imas shrine! also added watchlist, new about layout, + a blog entry, but forgot to write that here! >_<

7/25/2022 site index revamp! new blog entries!

6/19/2022 blog and shrine sections were added!

6/18/2022 site was created! ^_^